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Residents warned to check licenses as two Stroud men plead guilty to fly tipping

Two Stroud residents who illegally dumped waste - which included asbestos - have been sentenced by magistrates.

Location: /news-archive/residents-warned-to-check-licenses-as-two-stroud-men-plead-guilty-to-fly-tipping

Fly-tipper in council’s sights

An illegal fly-tipper is in for a shock as council officials investigate a recent incident in Rooksmoor Lane in Upton St Leonards, which led to the temporary closure of the road.

Location: /news-archive/fly-tipper-in-council-s-sights

Neighbourhood Wardens

The Neighbourhood Wardens work across the Stroud District by providing a highly visible presence, whilst acting as the eye's and ears of the community. The Wardens create a safer, cleaner and greener district by engaging within the local parishes…

Location: /community-and-living/community-safety-and-neighbourhood-wardens/neighbourhood-wardens

Building firm pays hefty price for lane blocked with fly tipped waste

Illegal tippers blocked a narrow country lane with a large lorry-load of builders’ waste – but left behind crucial clues which brought the case to court and landed a building firm with a hefty fine and costs to pay.

Location: /news-archive/building-firm-pays-hefty-price-for-lane-blocked-with-fly-tipped-waste

Anti-social Behaviour

Anti-social Behaviour (ASB) covers a range of unacceptable behaviour, nuisance and criminal activity, which has a negative effect on the community and the quality of life for residents.

Location: /community-and-living/community-safety-and-neighbourhood-wardens/anti-social-behaviour

Paws on Patrol

Paws on Patrol is a crime prevention scheme where dog owners register to be the 'eyes and ears' for their community while out walking their dogs.

Location: /community-and-living/community-safety-and-neighbourhood-wardens/paws-on-patrol

Street cleaning

Our street cleansing service carry out the following services:

Location: /environment/bins-rubbish-and-recycling/street-cleaning

Report dirty street

Report dirty street

Location: /report/report-dirty-street

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