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About emergency planning

What is an emergency, what to do in an emergency and where to go.

Location: /council-and-democracy/about-the-council/emergency-planning/about-emergency-planning

Planning an event in the Stroud District

The Stroud District Safety Advisory Group (SAG) acts as a single point of contact for organisers of large events in the district to notify the relevant regulatory bodies and obtain safety advice and information on a wide range of topics.

Location: /sport-leisure-parks/events-and-things-to-do/planning-an-event-in-the-stroud-district

Emergency works to protected trees

Emergency works to dead, dying or dangerous trees which are protected by virtue of being in a conservation areas or having a tree preservation order on them.

Location: /environment/planning-and-building-control/conservation-biodiversity-listed-buildings-trees-and-hedgerows/trees/emergency-works-to-protected-trees

Emergency planning

Stroud District Council has a Civil Contingency Unit which draws up, maintains and reviews arrangements for dealing with major incidents.

Location: /council-and-democracy/about-the-council/emergency-planning


The Hedgerows Regulations 1997 protect many countryside hedgerows (which are not on/within the boundary of a dwellinghouse) from being removed including being uprooted or otherwise destroyed. If you wish to remove a hedgerow (or part of a…

Location: /environment/planning-and-building-control/conservation-biodiversity-listed-buildings-trees-and-hedgerows/hedgerows

Telephone us

If there is a service you want, or you want to make a payment or report a problem, you can use our online forms:

Location: /council-and-democracy/about-the-council/contact-us/telephone-us

The Chief Executive - Kathy O’Leary

The role of Chief Executive is a full time appointment made on merit, against objective criteria, following public advertisement. The appointment is made by the whole Council. By law, the Chief Executive (as with other senior staff) is not allowed…

Location: /council-and-democracy/transparency/senior-management-pay-and-structure/the-chief-executive-kathy-o-leary

Stroud District Council strengthens commitment to tackle climate change

Stroud District Council has strengthened its stance on climate change to ensure the district is carbon neutral in just 11 years time. Last night the council’s Environment Committee resolved to ask for endorsement of action on the ‘climate…

Location: /news-archive/stroud-district-council-strengthens-commitment-to-tackle-climate-change

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