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Bonfires and smoke - smoke control

Garden bonfires have been a traditional way of disposing of garden rubbish but they often cause a nuisance to neighbours from smoke, smell or dirt. They also contribute to air pollution. As a means of disposal, bonfires are becoming less and less…

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A spike in trade waste bonfires is being investigated by Stroud District Council

Environmental Health officers at Stroud District Council have received an increasing number of complaints over the last few weeks about illegal waste bonfires on industrial and trade premises.

Location: /news-archive/a-spike-in-trade-waste-bonfires-is-being-investigated-by-stroud-district-council

These Stroud companies were fined more than £9,000 for illegal bonfires

Three businesses have received a combined total of £9,258 in fines for offences associated with the burning of commercial waste. Stroud District Council’s Environmental Health Officers brought successful prosecutions against KB Coaches Ltd in…

Location: /news-archive/these-stroud-companies-were-fined-more-than-9-000-for-illegal-bonfires

Bonfire danger and nuisance warning as hot weather continues

Stroud District Council Environmental Health officials and Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service have warned against lighting bonfires during the current hot weather.

Location: /news-archive/bonfire-danger-and-nuisance-warning-as-hot-weather-continues

10 of the steps your council is taking to tackle climate change

Stroud District Council is the first council in Europe to be carbon neutral and we’ve been tackling climate change since the 1990s but we can’t do this alone - we need government, business and citizens to take purposeful action with us. These are…

Location: /news-archive/10-of-the-steps-your-council-is-taking-to-tackle-climate-change

This fire cost a construction firm thousands of pounds in court

When Stroud District Council Environmental Protection Officers saw an illegal bonfire polluting the air they warned the building firm responsible – but it was lit again the next day. JF Building Services (UK) Limited, based in Cheltenham, pleaded…

Location: /news-archive/this-fire-cost-a-construction-firm-thousands-of-pounds-in-court

Please be considerate neighbours – bonfire and noise complaints are rising

Please be considerate neighbours – bonfire and noise complaints are rising Stroud District Council’s Environmental Health officers have seen a huge increase in complaints about noise and smoke since the start of the Coronavirus…

Location: /news-archive/please-be-considerate-neighbours-bonfire-and-noise-complaints-are-rising

Latest updates

Wednesday 8 July Shop Local campaign launched Monday 6 July  Delay in preparing the service charge invoices for leaseholders Due to Covid-19 there a has been a delay in preparing the service charge invoices for leaseholders which were due to be…

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