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Anti-social Behaviour

Anti-social Behaviour (ASB) covers a range of unacceptable behaviour, nuisance and criminal activity, which has a negative effect on the community and the quality of life for residents.

Location: /community-and-living/community-safety-and-neighbourhood-wardens/anti-social-behaviour

Neighbourhood Wardens

The Neighbourhood Wardens work across the Stroud District by providing a highly visible presence, whilst acting as the eyes and ears of the community. The Wardens create a safer, cleaner and greener district by engaging within the local parishes and…

Location: /community-and-living/community-safety-and-neighbourhood-wardens/neighbourhood-wardens

Anti-social behaviour

Actions which interfere with an individual’s peace, enjoyment and comfort are treated as anti-social behaviour.

Location: /housing/council-tenants-and-leaseholders/your-neighbourhood/anti-social-behaviour

Examples of anti-social behaviour

We categorise anti-social behaviour as either serious or minor. Examples of high-risk forms of anti-social behaviour include but are not limited to: threat to life assault Hate crime Safeguarding matters including child neglect While…

Location: /housing/council-tenants-and-leaseholders/your-neighbourhood/anti-social-behaviour/examples-of-anti-social-behaviour

Report anti-social behaviour

You can report an instance of Anti-social Behaviour on the following link: Report antisocial behaviour Out of hours reporting of anti-social behaviour  If you would like to report ASB and our offices are closed, you can call our out-of-hours…

Location: /housing/council-tenants-and-leaseholders/your-neighbourhood/anti-social-behaviour/report-anti-social-behaviour

Corporate plans and policies

Corporate strategies, plans and policies for Stroud District Council.

Location: /council-and-democracy/corporate-plans-and-policies

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