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Temporary road closure information

If you are planning to hold an event and would like to close a road to enable that event to be held then you need to apply to the Council for a Temporary Road Closure Order.

Please read the guidance notes page before you complete an application form which is available to download on this page. However for other reasons e.g. erection of scaffolding or regarding utilities please see the following link to Gloucestershire County Council’s website.

Road Closures for Events

The cost for arranging a road closure for an event, such as a street party, fete or procession, is £85, payment to be made by BACS, details are on the guidance notes.

You will need to complete an application form and provide a plan. When we have this information we will then carry out consultations with interested parties which include the Police, Ambulance, Fire, County Council, Parish Council and District Councillors. Once everyone has been consulted and there are no adverse comments or problems we can make the Order. This will be sent to you for you to display at either end of the road you propose to close.

The Council is unable to supply road signage or barriers to facilitate the closure of the road and we suggest that you contact the local police and highway authority for advice on this matter.


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