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Car park price increase FAQs

There are several contributing factors behind the decision to increase charges;

Charges have not increased since 2011, whilst costs for things like maintenance, servicing and utilities have.  The prices are essentially being realigned to more appropriate levels.  This will enable continued investment in the car parks and further improvements in the coming years.

Charges are ultimately a control measure and the new charges will continue to ensure parking spaces are freely available for visitors.

Almost certainly not.  We’ve taken advice from industry experts who conclude that the location and ease of access is more important to visitors than the actual charge.  If visitors can’t find a parking space, they are far less likely to make repeat visits, than if they know they can access parking quickly and easily.

Charges continue to compare very favourably with other local authorities, including those in Gloucestershire.

Stroud District Council operated car parks in Stroud (Merrywalks, Church Street, Rowcroft, London Road, London Road Multi Storey, Parliament Street and Cheapside), Stonehouse and Painswick will see tariffs increase.

The charges will go up from Thursday 26th October 2017.

Yes, notices will be put in all car parks affected and in the local press.

We are undertaking a review of parking provision in other locations.  Results and conclusions are due around the middle of 2018.  If the review deems it appropriate, we will consider introducing charges in other locations.

We are hoping to improve access signage (making it clearer to visitors where they can park), trial our first electric vehicle charging point and improve provision for cyclists/motorcyclists.  This is in addition to routine maintenance improvements such as relining.

We renewed payment machines in 2015, with the machines now much more reliable.  At the same time we introduced a pay by phone facility, offering greater payment flexibility.  In 2016 we upgraded some of the lighting and introduced a number of additional height restrictions.   


On the whole revenue from car parking is reinvested into the car parks and is used to fund the service. 

Yes.  Almost certainly more people will be encouraged to walk, cycle and use public transport.  Not only has this got environmental benefit, it’s also beneficial for people’s health.


Free parking for blue badge holders is available, on the same basis as the current arrangements.  Full details can be found in each car park. 


No, pay and display machines do not give change.  Users should tender the correct fee.  Alternatively our Pay by Phone, Mipermit, system is available.  This allows you to pay for parking via a credit/debit card.  Details of how to use this service are on each payment machine.

Yes, in London Road Multi Storey Car Park only, you can park for free after 3pm.  Please note this car park closes at 6.30pm

We are committed to reviewing the charges annually going forward. 

The charges haven’t increased since 2011 and therefore they’re rising at a level to reflect this.

Yes, charges for the various periods have been adjusted.  All permits/season tickets should be purchased through MiPermit:

We always aim to enforce the parking restrictions in a fair and reasonable way.  However, we do expect people to pay the appropriate charge.  The pay by phone option is available if you get caught short of change.  As ever, if you do receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) that you feel isn’t justified, we will consider your appeal.  All appeals need to be in writing and instructions are on all PCNs.

Officers put forward recommendations, based on a consultants report and their local parking management experience.  These recommendations were reviewed and agreed by the Strategic Head of Customer Services, who in with consultation with the Chair of the Community Services and Licensing and the Head of Asset Management, has the delegated authority to increase the charges in line with our constitution.

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