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Stroud District Council leadership remains the same in new-look administration

Published: Wednesday, 5 October, 2022

The leaders of all four political groups in the Stroud District Council Administration have reaffirmed their commitment to working together for the benefit of all the residents and businesses in the district.

The Green Party (13 seats), Community Independents (4), Liberal Democrats (3) and the newly-formed Independent Left Group (5) make up the Cooperative Alliance which runs the Council. The Labour Group of 6 councillors on Stroud District Council have moved out of the administration.

Although there have been changes to some of the political groups, there will be no change in the Council Leader, Deputy Leader or Committee Chair roles. 

The leaders of all four political groups in the Alliance have reiterated their commitment to working together for the benefit of the whole district.

“By working cooperatively, we have achieved so much for Stroud district, and we have an ambitious Council Plan for the future.  This plan has assigned funding for environment and climate action, support for the local economy, and crucially to help our local communities through increases in the cost of living,” said Council Leader Catherine Braun (Green Party).

The other parties in the administration are led by Councillors Natalie Bennett (Independent Left Group), Doina Cornell (Community Independents), and Ken Tucker (Liberal Democrats). All agree on the priority for tackling the rises in the cost of living, and have restated their support for the Council Plan, which runs up to 2026. 

“Political groups working together for the good of the district has benefitted residents and businesses for a decade,” said Deputy Council Leader, Councillor Bennett. “We’re determined that will continue.”

Cllr Cornell added: “We’re working hard to ensure our district hits its 2030 carbon reduction targets, while at the same time helping wherever we can and working with valued partners to help so many people who are affected by the cost of living rises.”

“We will continue to work together, putting the wellbeing of the district and its residents and businesses ahead of party politics,” added Cllr Tucker.

Minor adjustments to committee membership will be confirmed at the Full Council meeting on 20 October.

The Council Plan can be viewed at

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