Stroud District Council leaders oppose waste from our district being burnt at the new Javelin Park incinerator

Published: Tuesday, 2 July, 2019

Stroud District Council has consistently opposed the Gloucestershire County Council's plans to incinerate the county's waste.  The incinerator, which has been built at Javelin Park, north of Stonehouse, is starting operations this week.

Council leaders Doina Cornell (Labour), Martin Whiteside (Green) and Ken Tucker (Liberal Democrat) said in a joint statement:

"The incinerator is a disaster. It is expensive to run, the contract undermines attempts to reduce the amount of waste we produce and recycle, and will undermine our commitment to become carbon neutral by 2030 and tackle climate change."

Non-recyclable household waste from the Stroud district will be delivered to Javelin Park from Tuesday 2 July; this is in response to a directive made by Gloucestershire County Council which is the Waste Disposal Authority and is not a decision over which Stroud District Council has any control.

The council leaders added:

"Although we have a legal duty to take our household waste to Javelin Park we will do everything we can to ensure that the least amount possible is sent for incineration. The public can help by thinking carefully about what they buy, rejecting non-recyclable packaging, and by recycling as much as possible".

We will do our best to ensure that waste collections take place as normal by working with other districts and our partner Ubico.

Food waste and recyclable waste will continue to be collected and treated separately and will not be sent to the incinerator.

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