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Right tree, right place, right time

Published: Tuesday, 1 March, 2022

Today, members of the district’s new 2030 Community Engagement Board joined Officers from Stroud District Council and partners from the Stroud Valleys Project to plant more than 80 trees.

The work is part of a wider partnership project to plant more than 5000 trees on council owned land that, until recently, had been grazed by cattle. 

2030 Community Engagement Officer at SDC, Georgia Spooner says the key is to create something sustainable:
“Woodland is just one of many essential habitats, along with grassland and wetland, to be created and looked after as part of Nature’s Recovery Network, so we got the help of experts to assess the land for suitability first. 

“This land has been chosen specifically as it has been classified as a suitable site for tree planting and ensures what we are doing here today is sustainable for future generations.”

Clare Mahdiyone, Chief Executive at the Stroud Valleys Project, says the work is in line with their principles: 

“We believe in the ‘right tree, right place, right time’.

“It may seem really simple but to make these kinds of projects meaningful and sustainable, it important we do our homework first.

“It is also important that the community is part of the change which is why we’ve invited community volunteers and local corporate groups to plant and maintain the area.

“We are very excited to see how this project grows.”

Council Leader Doina Cornell says this is a real example of the council’s commitment to tackling climate change.

“Over the last year, especially with COP26, we heard a lot of about climate change. 

“There was a lot of talk about what could be done to tackle it but not a lot of action.

“Stroud District Council believes in leading the way and in real action – this project is one example of how we are really working towards our 2030 goals and making a difference to our communities.” 

For more information on the project or the Community Engagement Board, please visit the Stroud District Council website or email

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