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Representatives needed for community project

Published: Friday, 28 October, 2022


Stroud District Council is recruiting up to seven community representatives to join its Community Representation Taskforce; a group setting out to develop a community project for the commemoration of an individual, group of individuals or event that celebrates equality and diversity in the Stroud district.

In 2020, as part of its response to the Black Lives Matter movement, Stroud District Council committed to undertake a review and community consultation of any street and building names, statues and architectural features to ensure they are representative of local peoples’ values and those of an inclusive council. 

This review specifically sought views on the Blackboy Clock and Statue in Stroud, made at the height of the transatlantic slave trade, and Blackboy House, the building it is situated on. The review panel, drawn from across the community, also analysed whether other commemorations across the district are appropriate today and asked for suggestions as to what should be commemorated in the future.

A recommendation of the review panel was to establish a Community Representation Taskforce to use results of the review to help determine who or what should be commemorated through a community project, and also consider how the Anti-Slavery Arch in Paganhill, its history and Stroud’s involvement in the transatlantic slave trade and the abolition of slavery can form part of the project. The Taskforce will also be responsible for overseeing the installation of an information plaque outside Blackboy House to help contextualise Blackboy Statue.

To ensure that the views of all communities are represented, the Taskforce is recruiting up to seven community representatives. These representatives should have an interest in equality and diversity, and ideally experience of being active in community groups or local projects, although this is not essential. An interest in the history of the Stroud district would also be beneficial.

The community project is anticipated to be completed within a four-to-eight month period and members of the Community Representation Taskforce will be remunerated £800 across three instalments for their work.

“This is a really exciting opportunity to shape and influence how the history of the district is documented and how an equal and diverse society that reflects the values of Stroud district residents should be celebrated,” said Review Panel Chair and Deputy Council Leader, Councillor Natalie Bennett, who also chairs the council’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Working Group.

The council will endeavour to ensure that the Community Representation Taskforce comprises:

  • At least one person under the age of 25;
  • At least one person who has reached statutory age of retirement or a person who works with older peoples;
  • At least one person from black, Asian or minority ethnic communities;
  • At least one person who lives close to Stroud Town Centre;
  • At least one parent or guardian of a child or children, or person who works in early years provision; and
  • At least one person involved in a local history group or who has interest in the history of the Stroud district.

“The involvement of people from across our diverse communities is key to the success of achieving outcomes which as many people as possible are comfortable with, so it’s really important that anyone who feels they can contribute considers applying,” said EDI Working Group member, Councillor Robin Drury-Layfield.

Another recommendation of the review panel was to consult with the legal owner of the Blackboy Clock and Statue to secure its removal. Consultation with the owner is ongoing and no decision has yet been made on its future. Progress has been made in the other recommendations of the review including the restoration of the Anti-slavery Arch in Paganhill which is due to begin in 2023.

For more information on the role, and to apply to be a member of the Taskforce, please read the Role Description then complete the Expression of Interest form and return to

Applications close at midnight on Sunday 20 November and interviews will take place on Wednesday 30 November or Thursday 1 December

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