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Rehabilitation classes for heart problem sufferers now available in southern part of district

Published: Tuesday, 8 March, 2016

Residents from across the district who have suffered from heart problems can now access cardiac rehabilitation classes to aid their recovery. Stroud District Council has launched ‘Cardiac Rehab’ classes in Dursley, expanding the scheme which previously only took place in Stroud, allowing residents from across the district easier access to the support.

Councillor Steve Lydon, who suffered heart failure last year, has been attending the classes as part of his recovery, and he says they have improved his health a great deal.

He said:

"The exercises are not physically hard but are designed to get the participants fitter by doing repetitive activities - for example walking on the spot and lifting very light weights, all to a set time. It’s a great way to make new friends and get fitter in a supportive environment without being too strenuous."

The initiative is for anyone who has had a heart problem, such as a heart attack or who suffers from another heart condition. The classes are run by specially trained instructors and involve low intensity exercise, designed to help aid recovery and improve wellbeing.

Hannah Drew, sports development officer at Stroud District Council said:

“The Cardiac Rehab classes have been so successful that we wanted to open a group in the south of the district so more patients could access the support it offers. At Stratford Park we have between 35 and 45 attendees, so we hope the Dursley class will prove just as popular.”

Anyone wishing to attend the classes should be referred by a GP or other health care professional or have previously undertaken other qualifying rehabilitation classes.

The new sessions have just started in Dursley Community Centre and run on Thursdays from 4-5pm.

For more details call 01453 754508 or email

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