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Post EU Referendum – Next steps in Stroud district. A joint statement by the party leaders

Published: Monday, 4 July, 2016

In Stroud District, electors voted to remain in the European Union (55% remain, 45% leave) but the referendum result for the UK as a whole is to leave.

We are already in contact with national bodies such as the Local Government Association and the District Council Network who will soon begin discussions with Government about how this will affect councils across the country. We will liaise with our Members of Parliament and the South West region’s Members of the European Parliament and a range of bodies who are beginning to deal with the consequences of the referendum vote to leave the European Union.

As community leaders, the Council has a responsibility to ensure, as far as we are able as a local authority, that the economic, social, environmental and financial implications of this on our community and our businesses are managed well.

This will take time, effort and resources over a number of years and much will depend on the pace and nature of the negotiations between the UK Government and the European Union. At a local level, we intend taking the following initial steps;

  • Invite businesses throughout the District to share with us the effect on their businesses and supply chains, investment plans and future employment prospects
  • Work with our partners in the public sector, particularly the County Council, GFirst Local Enterprise Partnership and the Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, to examine the impact on public sector finances affecting all local public services in the District
  • Look at our own investments and the long term prospects for projects that currently receive funding through our participation in EU programmes
  • Work with the Local Government Association, District Council Network, MPs and MEPs to better understand the impact for the local government sector

The dialogue with local businesses will start in July and continue throughout the autumn. We will be contacting major employers, the Federation of Small Businesses,  the Stroud Businesswomen’s Network, National Farmers Union and local business chambers.  We intend carrying out the review of investments and EU funded projects by September. We intend bringing together all the strands of work outlined above by December 2016.

Our community has a proud tradition of tolerance and diversity and valuing the contribution that people, from different backgrounds and from different nationalities make to our society. We are therefore mindful that, in some parts of the UK, both during and after the referendum campaigns, there has been an increase in the incidents of racism and hate crime. As community leaders, we feel it important to restate our ‘zero tolerance’ towards such crimes and we will act on any and all incidents reported to the Council working closely with the police and other community safety partners.

July 1 2016


Cllr. Stephen Lydon Leader of the Council  Labour and Cooperative ,

Cllr. Martin Whiteside Leader of the Green Group ,

Cllr. Ken Tucker Leader of the Liberal Democrats Group,

Cllr.  Nigel Cooper Leader of the Conservative Group

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