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Please check your emails: we will be contacting every eligible resident in the Stroud district to ensure they can vote

Published: Friday, 8 July, 2022

People in the Stroud district are being urged to look out for the annual electoral canvass they will receive by email over the next few days. Once received, it will take just a few minutes to check the details and return the form.

The email should not be confused for a scam - all emails will be sent from with a subject line of `Household Electoral Register Communication - Stroud District Council.

The annual canvass ensures that Stroud District Council can keep the electoral register up to date, identifying anyone who is not registered so that they can be encouraged to do so. They would then be able to take part in any future elections.

Stroud District Council will be sending 25,000 electoral canvass emails between Friday 8 July - Monday 11 July. Using emails rather than the traditional postal forms of the past will help to reduce administrative pressures on Electoral Registration Officers as well as the financial burden on taxpayers. A paper form will be sent to people whose email addresses we do not hold, or those who do not have digital access.

For more information on the annual canvass you can visit or if you have any questions you can email or phone the office from 8.45 on Monday 11 July.

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