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Pay by phone up and running in council car parks

Published: Monday, 11 January, 2016

Visitors to Stroud, Painswick and Stonehouse now have the option to pay for their parking by mobile phone when they park in Stroud District Council car parks. The council has become the latest authority to use the MiPermit scheme, which is already in use in other parts of the county including council car parks in Gloucester, Tewkesbury and Cotswold district, and for on-road parking throughout Gloucestershire.

Ashley Nicholson, of Stroud District Council, said:

“Paying by phone provides an additional, convenient way to pay. Furthermore, motorists can also send a text to extend their stay, so they don’t have to rush back to their car, allowing them to stay longer in our towns. Using the same system as other parts of the county will also mean that users will not need to register on separate systems.”

Pay by phone will cost an extra 20 pence on top of the normal cost of parking to recoup card charges..

Mr Nicholson added:

“The usual way of paying using coins will continue. This is just an additional option. Whilst it costs a little more, many people prefer paying by phone because of the extra flexibility it provides. Business users also benefit from having their parking payments available online rather than having to keep fiddly parking tickets to reclaim expenses.”

Free parking will continue in the council’s Brunel Mall multi-storey car park after 3pm and card payments will be available in the Merrywalks car park in Stroud in the near future.



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