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New technology helps council tenants report anti-social behaviour

Published: Monday, 25 October, 2021

Stroud District Council tenants were among the first in the country to benefit from new technology that helps combat anti-social behaviour.

The ASB App, commissioned by the Housing service, allows users to upload photos, video, audio and written evidence of anti-social behaviour.

The evidence gathered can be shared with council officers instantly, and is admissible as evidence in Court.

The service was launched during the first Covid-19 lockdown, and proved such a success that it has now become a permanent feature.

“Supporting vulnerable tenants is a duty we take very seriously, however this was particularly challenging during lockdown when officers were working from home,” said Stroud District Council Chair of Housing Committee, Cllr Mattie Ross.

“Gathering evidence of anti-social behaviour has always been time consuming and often difficult to do, so I’m delighted that tenants have reported how simple the ASB App is to use, and that it has helped evidence and resolve some difficult cases.”

Since its launch, the ASB App has been used by 28 council tenants who have registered 288 diary sheets, 88 photos, 121 videos and 125 sound recordings. In one case sufficient evidence was gathered for a Noise Abatement Notice to be served by SDC’s Environmental Health service.

The ASB App is available to council tenants by invitation.

If you’re a Stroud District Council tenant and are experiencing anti-social behaviour or hate crime, please tell us at or phone 01453 766321.

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