Meet the new faces who will speak up for all council tenants

Published: Thursday, 2 May, 2019

Two Stroud District Council tenants are getting stuck into their new roles as Tenant Representatives.

Juliette Smith, who lives in Dursley, and Leticia Gardiner from Cam were appointed as members of the SDC Housing Committee after a rigorous selection process and now represent the views of more than 7,000 council tenants. They are already acting on queries from tenants, have attended their first Housing Committee meeting and a tenant consultation event in Stonehouse.

Leticia said:

"I hope I am able to give the council an insight to what being a council tenant means, how decisions affect us and offer valuable information to maintain and improve services."

Juliette added:

"I’m really looking forward to getting out into the district and meeting as many tenants as I can, listening to and feeding back at committee meetings on their behalf. If we don’t speak up the council don’t know so I want to appeal to tenants to get in touch."

Kev Topping, Stroud District Council’s Head of Housing Contracts said:

"We are extremely proud that Juliette and Leticia will be at the forefront of feeding in tenants’ views and concerns about how we, as the landlord are performing and how we can improve the services we deliver to our tenants.

"Independent tenant scrutiny is vital to ensure we are transparent, open and honest with our tenants. The work carried out by Stroud District Council as the landlord is funded by tenants’ rents so we have an absolute duty to ensure we are investing in our stock and tenants in the right way, providing value for money and creating communities we can all be proud of."

Council tenants who would like to contact Juliette or Leticia can do so via email or by leaving a message on their mobile phones. Details can be found at

Stroud District Council is the only local authority in Gloucestershire to own and manage its own housing stock and is one of only a handful of councils across the country which invites tenants to sit on the housing committee where they can directly influence decisions. Stroud’s first tenant reps, Ian Allan and Sadie Tazewell came to the end of their term in February.

"I’d like to thank Ian and Sadie for their service," added Kev. "They worked closely with us, feeding in tenants’ views and concerns about how we, as the landlord were performing and how we could improve the services we deliver to our tenants."

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