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Lucky to live here: Stroud ranks as one of the best areas in the country for social mobility

Published: Tuesday, 5 December, 2017

Stroud district is one of the best places in the country to grow up, according to a government report. The Social Mobility Commission’s annual report, `State of the Nation 2017’  ranks all 324 local authorities in England in terms of the life chances of someone born into a disadvantaged background.

The commission claims that Britain is a deeply divided nation, and identifies a growing gap between areas that offer good opportunities for social progress and those that do not.

Stroud ranks 43rd in the list, and is classified as a `hotspot’ – meaning that disadvantaged children growing up in the Stroud district have a higher chance of escaping poverty than most other areas.

Stroud is the highest performing district in the South West, outranking all its neighbours. South Gloucestershire ranks 120, Tewkesbury 199, Cotswold 268, Gloucester 282, and the Forest of Dean 303. The best area in the country is Westminster, with West Somerset being the worst. Some of the worst-performing areas, such as Cotswold, are in relatively affluent parts of the country.

Cllr Steve Lydon, leader of Stroud District Council said:

“This report shows the good progress we are making here in Stroud. I am keen to explore initiatives with key partners such as the LEP and Gloucestershire County Council, to find further ways in which we can help our residents.”

The Social Mobility Commission hit the national headlines this week as the four members of the board stood down in protest at the lack of progress towards a ‘fairer Britain.’

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