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Look out for annual council update in the post this week

Published: Friday, 19 February, 2021

Every household in the Stroud district will receive a free annual update on services which matter to them, this week.

SDC News is Stroud District Council’s newsletter and is sent to more than 53,000 homes across the district. It is published annually to provide information about services available from the council and to keep the public informed on current initiatives and projects.

This year the edition includes facts and figures on the council’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic, an update on the Cotswold Canals Connected project, the launch of new Lucky Severn community lottery, investment in new affordable housing, outdoor activities and what can be done to make Stroud a carbon neutral district.

SDC News costs approximately 28p per copy to produce and distribute, and is printed on FSC certified paper; meaning it is responsibly sourced and 100% recycled.

Stroud District Council’s priority is to make Stroud a better place to live, work and visit through its five main priorities of economy, environment, creating of affordable housing, promoting health and wellbeing, and delivering value for money to all taxpayers.

Stroud District Council Chief Executive Kathy O’Leary said:

"I am so pleased that we are able to produce SDC News each year and send it to every household within the district. This is so important for us as it helps us to reach those who may not have social media or internet access. This way we can ensure that everyone in the district is aware of local developments and how we are trying to make a difference within the community.”

This issue will be published and sent out to all residents of Stroud district from Monday, February 22.

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