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Leader's blog - 25 May 2022

Published: Wednesday, 25 May, 2022

This week's Leader's Blog has been written by Cllr Catherine Braun, Deputy Leader of Stroud District Council.

Spring into action for bees and birds

"More people than ever seem to have embraced No Mow May this year, leaving their lawnmower in the shed to encourage wild plants, which provide nectar for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. There has been a big decline in flower-rich meadows, so gardens and public spaces are more important than ever for insects.  By leaving part of the garden to grow wild, smaller plants like clover, daisies and dandelions get a chance to flower and give insects a spring-time head-start. In Wotton, the local Climate Action Network is working with the Town Council on a No Mow May plan, which allows wildflowers to flower in key areas. There are many Climate Action Networks across the District and if you’d like to get involved, contact Transition Stroud:

It’s not just insects that need a helping hand at this time of year. Ground nesting birds, such as skylarks and curlews are in decline, and during the spring, their nests and young are extremely vulnerable. When out walking on the commons and farmland it’s advised to stay on footpaths, and keep dogs on a lead, until the end of the breeding season, in late July. 

As mentioned last week, Stroud District Council recently submitted a joint bid with SGS College to the Gloucestershire Strategic Economic Development Fund.  We were all delighted that this bid was approved, providing £450,000 to the College, to deliver a renewable energy and retrofit training centre at Berkeley.  This centre will provide the jobs and skills needed across our local area, to reduce home energy usage and energy bills. 

As new council projects develop, we’re always keen to hear community views. As part of our Levelling Up Bid, there are changes proposed to the Wallbridge area in Stroud, and there’s still time to have your say at: "


Cllr Catherine Braun

Deputy Leader, Stroud District Council



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