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Leader's blog - 25 January 2023

Published: Friday, 27 January, 2023

"Community Services and Licensing Committee will hold its first meeting of 2023 on Thursday, January 26.

Tennis players are set to see major improvements at Stratford Park Leisure Centre. Grant funding from the Lawn Tennis Association and Active Gloucestershire, plus investment from owners Stroud District Council, will see the six courts resurfaced, as well as other new additions. If this is approved by the committee, SDC and the LTA will work with local tennis coaches to drive the development of tennis on the courts.

Following on from a successful bid for funding to redevelop five identified play areas across the district, we are conducting community consultation find out what residents would like to see included in the new play spaces. After the consultation has been completed two designs for each area will be put out to the public vote and the winning design will be built.

The community health & wellbeing team is looking for an individual to join their team to develop activity on referral across the district.  Activity on referral is a supportive programme run in partnership with Active Gloucestershire that links young people to local, community-based activities that will support their mental & physical health.

The committed team of Neighbourhood Wardens continue to work hard and play a key role in supporting the community and many other causes across the district and are currently recruiting for a new member. The role entails, acting as the ‘eyes and ears’ for agencies and organisations. This will include basic information gathering on potential areas of crime, working with local communities to help each other and build resilience.

Demand for Stroud District Foodbank’s services has more than doubled and keeps rising as the cost of living continues to have a huge impact district wide. In response, we are working with community partners to distribute Household Support funding, and with our help, the local NHS partnership has committed emergency funding to the cause. Warm Spaces have also been set up by voluntary and community groups with SDC support across the district within many of the existing community spaces, too. Details of all are on our website."

This week's blog was written by Cllr Chris Brine

Chair of Community Services & Licensing Committee

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