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Leader's blog - 16 November 2022

Published: Tuesday, 15 November, 2022

"Pollution from industrial activity is irreversibly heating the earth, in a way that will make it very hard for us to live here safely. That’s why the international climate negotiations taking place this week in Egypt are so important, alongside national and local action.  

Our changing climate is an entirely solvable problem, and there are many things all countries can do now – such as insulating homes, giving greater support to local farmers and small businesses, investing in renewable energy, public transport, cycling and walking.  As well as addressing climate change, these solutions could also improve people’s health and wellbeing. 

In Paganhill, Stratford Park, Cam and Dursley, there’s a new council scheme underway to engage in conversation with people about energy costs and the local environment. Inspired by discussions with our community representatives, we’ve set up signs and banners with a big QR code in these areas.  By scanning the code on your phone, you’ll start a friendly chat, via text, on local issues. The QR codes can generally be found on railings in places that people may stop by for a chat - by a bus stop, near a library, or in the park.  All the locations can be seen here.

Home heating costs are a big concern for many people this winter, given the rises in energy prices, so we’re partnering with community organisations to support Warm Spaces right across Stroud district.  Each space is independently run by a community organisation, with some offering hot drinks and other services such as free Wi-Fi, activities, and pay-as-you-feel cafés. Opening days and times vary so please check before you visit. For anyone who would like to make a financial contribution towards helping a local warm space, there is also an option to securely donate from the Warm Spaces page here."

Cllr Catherine Braun

Leader, Stroud District Council 

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