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Leader's blog - 12 October 2022

Published: Wednesday, 12 October, 2022

"You may have noticed signs going up around Cam, Dursley, Paganhill and Stratford Park asking residents if they want to talk. The Hello Lamp Post platform is a new way for  people in our communities to share their experiences and ideas with us about the local environment, reducing energy costs etc or to find out where support is available for cost-of-living issues. We want to hear from you so if you see one of these signs please stop and have a chat. All you need to do is scan the QR code on the sign or send a text and a specially designed bot will start up a conversation.  

With the seasons changing you might be clearing your gardens of dead wood and leaves but please try not to light bonfires to dispose of your garden waste. Smoke from bonfires can cause a nuisance to your neighbours and impact on air quality in general. Bonfires can also produce gases which add to global warming. Although there are no laws against having a bonfire there is legislation if it causes a nuisance. SDC will support people who report nuisance smoke by taking enforcement action where necessary. Alternatives to bonfires include taking garden waste to the Household Recycling Centre at Pyke Quarry (Horsley) or getting your garden waste collected. The most cost-effective and eco-friendly way to dispose of green waste is composting it at home. 

Finally, a reminder to everyone who uses our award-winning waste and recycling collection service – please don’t put plastic bags in your recycling. All non-food recycling should be placed loose in the right container. Crews from our waste collection partner Ubico have seen a gradual increase in the amount of plastic bags that are included in with recycling containers. Please reuse them or give them to a supermarket."


Cllr Natalie Bennett

Deputy Leader, Stroud District Council

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