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Keep your dog under control

Published: Monday, 25 April, 2016

Complaints about out of control dogs have risen since the evenings have become lighter, according to Stroud District Council. Fifteen separate complaints about dog attacks have been received by the council in recent weeks, some of which have resulted in injury to other animals.

“Even the best trained dogs can worry livestock,” warns Alex Myrie, the council’s animal welfare officer. “If your dog worries or kills livestock you could be prosecuted, and farmers are legally within their rights to shoot a dog as a last resort. Follow the countryside code and always keep your dog on a lead when walking near livestock.”

If a dog’s recall is anything other than perfect it should be walked on a lead, even in areas where it can be let loose.

“Good practice among dog owners is to not allow your dog to approach another dog which is on the lead without first checking with its owner,” said Alex.

“Although your dog may be friendly there may be a good reason why the other dog is on the lead – so always ask.”

Two of the complaints related to cases in which dogs had chased horses and riders with potentially catastrophic consequences. In 2014 the Dangerous Dogs Act was amended to include the control of dogs on their own property. “Dog owners should ensure that visitors have safe access to their front door, and fitting a cage to the back of your letter box could avoid injury when deliveries are being pushed through, added Alex.

When visitors and delivery drivers see a `beware of the dog’ sign they should rattle gates and call out before entering gardens to check if dogs are present.

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