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Join us by supporting the Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill

Published: Thursday, 12 August, 2021

Stroud District Council is backing a campaign for a new law to protect the future of life on earth – and residents and businesses can join us. 

The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (CEE) is a proposal for a new law, drafted by scientists, legal experts, ecological economists and environmentalists, designed specifically to reverse climate and ecological breakdown. 

The Bill requires the UK to take responsibility for its fair share of greenhouse gas emissions, to actively restore biodiverse habitats, and to stop damaging our natural world through the production, transportation and disposal of the goods we consume. 

Tabled by Caroline Lucas MP (Green), the Bill now has the support of 110 MPs across 8 political parties, representing England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

The Bill was first developed with members from the successful ‘Big Ask’ campaign, a Friends of the Earth initiative which then led on to become the Climate Change Act 2008. The campaign for the CEE Bill launched back in August 2020, and was then introduced to Parliament in September 2020. The updated CEE Bill was introduced in Parliament in June 2021. 

The Bill includes many ways the UK can help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions we emit, actively restore biodiverse habitats, and work towards decreasing the amount of production, transportation and disposal of the goods we consume. 

Without more significant and sustained action, the world is set to exceed the Paris Agreement’s emissions limits for global warming of 1.5% between 2030 and 2040. Therefore, the current UK target of net zero by 2050 would come too late.  

Stroud District Council is the first carbon neutral council in Europe, and has a strategy to work towards carbon neutrality for the whole district by 2030. It has also declared a Climate Emergency, and one of its five key priorities is to help the community minimise its carbon footprint, adapt to climate change and recycle more. 

Even the increase in harm caused by a rise of 2°C rather than 1.5°C is significant. The costs of failing to address this crisis will far outstrip the investments required to prevent it. Investing now will bring many benefits in the form of good jobs, breathable cities and thriving communities. 

Stroud District Council resolved to support the bill in April 2021 after a motion was proposed at Full Council by Cllr Simon Pickering (former Chair of Stroud District Council Environment Committee) and seconded by SDC Leader Cllr Doina Cornell.

The council has since written to Siobhan Baillie, MP for Stroud, and Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, MP for The Cotswolds, to ask that they support the bill.

“Eighty two councils across the country are already supporting the CEE Bill, as well as more than 180 organisations, 100 MPs and 12 co-sponsors,” said SDC Environment Committee Chair Chloe Turner.

"There is still time for the crucial changes needed to keep the rise at 1.5%, but only if we take responsibility and come together to act right now. Supporting this bill is one way we as a council and community can push for urgent change.” 

You can join the campaign as an individual to get involved and support this bill with us. Find out more information here: 

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