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How to dispose of your Lateral Flow Device test

Published: Friday, 23 April, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a significant increase in medical and hazardous waste. To protect everyone’s wellbeing and the environment, it is vital to ensure safe disposal of this waste and recycling where possible.

To safely dispose of a Lateral Flow Device test, put all of the contents and any plastic packaging into a bag and then place into the grey general waste bin. People without wheelie bins who use authorised beige bags should place the contents within a separate disposable bag before placing in the beige bag.

If your result is positive, please double bag the contents and put aside for 72 hours before placing in your grey general waste bin or beige bag. None of the plastic items or plastic packaging should be put into the green recycling bin or box - they are all non-recyclable. Any disposable gloves and/or masks supplied in the testing kit are also non-recyclable and should be placed in the grey general waste bin.

The outer cardboard packaging and any paper leaflets from the LFD test kit are fully recyclable and can be put in the green recycling box. Please adhere to this guidance to ensure safe and responsible disposal of the waste.

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