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Fly-tipper in council’s sights

Published: Monday, 15 February, 2016

An illegal fly-tipper is in for a shock as council officials investigate a recent incident in Rooksmoor Lane in Upton St Leonards, which led to the temporary closure of the road.

A Stroud District Council spokesman said:

“At around 1130am on Thursday, a large amount of commercial waste was dumped on the road, blocking it to all traffic. This is the first instance we can recall of someone being so brazen, dumping what looks like a lorry load of waste and blocking a road in broad daylight. We take all instances of fly-tipping very seriously. Once we’re informed, we check the waste as soon as we can for any evidence which may help us track down the culprits and prosecute them.”

The fly-tipping blocked the road for around two hours and is now in the possession of the council.

The spokesman added:

““We already have strong leads in this serious case but are also appealing for any witnesses to come forward. We are grateful to our waste contractor, Veolia, and the county council’s highways contractor, Amey, for clearing the road promptly so that local people could use it again.”

Anyone with information regarding this incident should call the council on 01453 754424 or email

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