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Drivers stopped in crackdown on unlicensed scrap collectors

Published: Thursday, 4 April, 2019

Scrap metal and waste collectors operating outside the law have been targeted in a stop and search exercise by Stroud District Council and Gloucestershire Police.

SDC Licensing and Environmental Protection officers teamed up Tri-Force Specialist Operations police officers again on Thursday, March 28 to tackle the issue of unlicensed collectors, in response to public concern.

The joint operation saw drivers of vehicles stopped and asked to provide details of their Waste Carriers Registration, transfer documentation and, where appropriate, to produce their licence to collect scrap metal.

In one case, a van driver carrying scrap metal was served with a £300 Fixed Penalty Notice for failing to produce a Waste Carrier Registration.  

Two other matters are to be investigated further and advice was provided to a number of other operators.

“Stroud District Council remains committed to tackling waste crime and continues to work with partner agencies to address this,” said Environment Committee Chairman Simon Pickering. “Part of that commitment involves educating operators about their legal duty of care alongside appropriate enforcement activity.

“We would also advise residents to only give or sell scrap metal or waste to a licensed operator.” 

One of Stroud District Council’s five key visions in its Corporate Delivery Plan covers environment, including recycling more. Only licensed scrap dealers can offer the assurance that the metal will be disposed of properly.

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 places a requirement for all businesses involved in buying and selling of scrap metal to be licensed by the Local Authority and includes both those who operate from sites and those who collect door to door.

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