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Don’t forget to recycle your pumpkin in your new food waste bin this Halloween!

Published: Friday, 28 October, 2016

It would be a frightening waste to let your pumpkin go in the rubbish bin this Halloween – remember you can recycle it in your new food waste bin!

With an estimated 5 million pumpkins being sold in the days leading up to Halloween, Stroud District Council is encouraging residents to recycle them once celebrations are over.

If you don’t have a home compost heap, then your new food waste bin is the perfect place to recycle pumpkins.

Cllr Simon Pickering, chair of Stroud District Council’s environment committee, said:

“The new food waste recycling service has started just in time to be able to save all these pumpkins going to waste. Halloween is a fun time for children, and even us adults. This is an ideal time to show children how they can recycle their food waste from home using the new service. If you have made pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie, there are always inedible bits left from inside that can go in your food waste caddy. Additionally, small pumpkins can be chopped up or put in your outdoor food waste bin whole, but if you have a larger pumpkin this can be placed next to it for collection.”

The district’s new waste and recycling service has just got underway, and residents are reminded that food waste is collected every week, and rubbish is now collected fortnightly on alternate weeks to recycling collections.

For more information about food waste recycling, or advice on the new waste and recycling service visit

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