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Cam resident appointed to council’s housing committee

Published: Thursday, 23 February, 2017

A resident from Cam has been appointed to Stroud District Council’s housing committee as a tenant representative.

Sadie Tazewell, who has been a council tenant for two years, attended her first housing committee meeting this week.

Her role is to represent the views of over 6,000 council tenants using both her personal experience as a tenant, along with feedback from others.  She will work with fellow tenant rep Ian Allan, who was appointed in October.

Having lived in Cam since 2005, Sadie also hopes to use her background as a dispensing optician and experience as a working mum to son Morley, 13, and 10-year-old daughter Iona, to give a different perspective to the council.

Sadie said:

"I received an incredibly warm welcome at this week’s meeting, which certainly helped to soothe my nerves.  I am looking forward to my induction next week and learning more about how I can be a helpful voice for the council tenants of Stroud district."

She added:

"I’m sure I will benefit from working with fellow tenant representative Ian Allan and gaining from his experience. We both have different backgrounds, as Ian lives in sheltered accommodation and I am a council house tenant, but I feel we can successfully work together to bring about good improvements."

Cllr Mattie Ross, chair of the council’s housing committee said:

"I’m delighted we have been able to appoint Sadie and I’m looking forward to working with both Sadie and Ian on the housing committee. Having two tenant reps gives the opportunity for engaged debate and discussion and reflects a natural progression in the way Stroud District Council works with its tenants."

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