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Blackboy Clock review

Published: Thursday, 19 August, 2021

A review is underway to ensure statues and commemorations - including the  Blackboy  Clock - as well as the names of streets and buildings, are representative of local people’s values and those of a modern, inclusive council.  

As part of this review we want to ensure that the diversity of our communities is appropriately reflected so we’re also asking for nominations of other names, particularly of under-represented groups, who have done something memorable and who we should celebrate.

A Review Panel made up of community representatives, councillors and historians will then review the results of the consultation and publish its recommendations based on the representations made.

Possible outcomes include relocation, the addition of explanatory information, renaming or removal. In some cases, it may be decided that no action is necessary at all.

The consultation runs until Wednesday 1 September  2021. More information on the consultation is here:

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