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Beware of latest council tax email scam

Published: Thursday, 2 March, 2017

Residents are being warned to be on their guard for suspicious emails that aim to capture their personal details. It comes at a time when council tax bills are being sent to millions of homes across the country.

Stroud District Council’s council tax team has had a number of emails forwarded to it from concerned residents who had received emails from “Online Council TAX UK” and a 'Miss Rourke' of 'Unity Partnership' telling them that they had received a council tax refund but needed to fill in an online form so that they could have the money credited to their accounts. They also include an advertising banner from a government agency at the bottom of the email to make them look credible.

Councillor Steve Robinson, chair of Stroud District Council’s community and licensing committee said:

"This phishing scam has been timed so that it coincides with people receiving their bills. Anyone who receives an email about a council tax refund which asks them to click a link and complete an online form should ignore it or delete it."

The suspicious emails are worded as follows and clicking the uppercase word ‘FORM’ or the advert at the bottom of the email would send the recipient to a webpage that would put them at risk.



Subject: RE: Council Tax Refund -Confirmation

Hello ,

After  checking my records I can confirm that a refund was issued for the amount of £ 341.04 on 01.03.2017.

You should receive the refund in your bank account after you confirm your details in the FORM provided in this email and early in this week the amount owed to you will be credited in your bank account.

We are sorry for the delay with this tax refund being issued.


Miss Rourke

Revenues Advisor

Unity Partnership

T 0161 770 6622 | E |

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