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Private sector tenants - housing repairs and maintenance

If you are living in a rental property and you need a repair carried out you must approach your landlord in the first instance,  ideally in writing and provide the Council with a copy. If the landlord refuses to carry out the repair you can then contact the Housing Renewal Team who may be able to assist you depending on the work that is required.


Environmental Health Officers have a number of powers available to use to ensure that a landlord carries out works to the minimum statutory housing standard. You should have a procedure for reporting repairs to your landlord in your tenancy agreement. This should also tell you which repairs you are responsible for and which repairs your landlord is responsible for.


Revenge or retaliatory evictions occur when a landlord evicts a tenant who asks for repairs or complains about poor conditions. Tenants have some protection only if the correct procedure is followed. The Shelter webpage has useful guidance. 

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