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Major home adaptations for a disabled person

After your home assessment,  your Occupational Therapist may refer you to the Council to make a Disabled Facilities Grant application. A Disabled Facilities Grant can help home owners and private tenants meet the cost of eligible adaptation works up to a maximum of £30,000, provided they are deemed reasonable and practicable by the Council. The eligibility criteria and extent of the work is governed by strict legal rules.  Further details about the national funding scheme and a list of eligible works can be found on the website. This leaflet also gives some further information about mandatory grants.

The grant is means tested and if you receive certain benefits you may automatically qualify.  AgeUK have an online calculator which will help you to find out if you are entitled to any benefits or financial help.

If you do not qualify for a grant or if your grant does not cover the full costs, you will need to fund the works yourself.  If you are unable to afford the adaptation yourself, you could consider approaching:  


More information about Disabled Facilities Grants and the application process can be accessed on the Gloucestershire County Council website.

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