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Empty homes

An empty property is a wasted resource both for the owner of the property and those in need of housing.

Properties which are left vacant for extended periods of time can cause problems for the local environment, the surrounding community and attract anti-social behaviour.

What we can do to help

The Council offers FREE help and advice to owners of empty properties and will assist owners in bringing the property back into use. An interest free loan is also available subject to availability. Conditions apply. Please use the contact email to find out more about the help we can offer and read the factsheets below.

Read our case study to find out how the scheme works in practice.

Tax Relief

VAT relief may apply for certain renovation costs associated with bringing a property back into use. If a property has been empty for 2 years or more the standard rate of VAT is reduced down to 5% on renovations. Homes empty for 10 or more years can apply 0% VAT for materials used in renovation works. Please contact the Empty Homes Officer using the contact email, if you require a letter to state how long the property has been unoccupied. There are also other exemptions with regard to VAT, such as properties which are listed. It is worth looking on the HMRC website to find out more.


Help finding a Builder or Trades Person

Visit our online directory for information and help finding a suitable contractor.  

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