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Under occupying (Bedroom Tax)

New housing benefit rules mean council and housing association tenants won't be able to get housing benefit to pay for all their rent if their home has 'spare bedrooms'. This has been called the 'bedroom tax'. If you are affected by bedroom tax you will need to consider the following options:

Paying the difference – If you can afford the extra rent then there is no reason for you to move. If you need support with managing your finances please see our Money/Debt Advice page.

Homeswapper – Free to all SDC Council tenants! Homeswapper can be used to find opportunities to exchange tenancies.  See our Council tenants area of this website for further details.

Private rent – Leaving social housing is never something we would encourage. However, due to the shortage of properties and increasing demand for housing private renting is a very real option. For more information please see our private renting page.

Move through www.homeseekerplus – If you are underoccupying you may wish to register on homeseekerplus and bid for smaller properties.

Take in a lodger – You can avoid being charged for an extra bedroom if you have someone living in it. For information on renting out your spare room see

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