Relationship breakdown

Housing advice service

Due to the current situation, we are having to prioritise our housing advice service to respond to contacts from those who are currently homeless/imminently threatened with homelessness only.

If you attempt to contact us in relation to your Homeseekerplus application, banding decisions, or you require general housing advice there is likely to be a substantial delay in response. Up-to-date information will be made available at and the ‘Help’ section may provide you with answers to any queries you may have.

We do appreciate your patience at this difficult time.

We understand that unfortunately relationships do not always work out and remaining in the same property is not always easy if you have nowhere else to go. If this sounds like your situation here are some things you may wish to consider.

It is important to try and manage your move in the event of a relationship breakdown as becoming homeless does not always guarantee accommodation.

Relationship counselling

The housing advice team is able to provide relationship counselling at no cost to you. Please see our counselling page for more information.

Private renting

Please see our private renting section for advice on this option

Ending/removing your name from your tenancy

 If you do not have alternative settled accommodation arranged we do not suggest ending or removing your name from a tenancy without seeking advice. You could be found intentionally homeless if you willingly give up accommodation available to you.

More advice is available on Shelter’s Website.

If you are experiencing domestic abuse please refer to our domestic abuse section.

If you need more in depth advice or you need to move home for any other reason not listed in this section please contact us for more advice.

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