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Housing advice documents and FAQs

Contact us on 01453 766321 and we can provide you with this.

The banding is decided by the information you provide in your application. The current banding information and policy are available on

We have around 3,500 Stroud Applicants on This is an area of high demand for housing and most people who apply are in Bronze Band.

Unfortunately due to lack of social housing, high demand and the bedroom tax - Bedroom entitlement for the children will be given to the parent that is claiming the child benefit for the children.

No extra bedrooms are awarded for visiting children.

Most properties are advertised through www.Gloshomeseeker except for a few very rare circumstances when there are particular reasons for a direct match to be made, for example, adapted property for someone with disability, over riding safety/social reasons and tenants who need to have major repairs in their current property.

It can take up to 28 days to process your application. Once it has been processed you are able to bid.

Contact us on 01453 766321 and we can advise you on this.

The system will automatically put you in the right position on the list regardless of when you bid. This is why people who bid after you may be higher up than you.

The property is offered to the applicant at the top of the shortlist as long as they are suitable. If it is turned down by this applicant we will work down the shortlist.

SDC will usually contact you within a week if you are under offer on one of our properties. Housing Associations can take slightly longer.

We will contact you using the information you have provided on your www.Gloshomeseeker application. All applicants are responsible for ensuring these details are kept up to date.

This is to prevent people from obtaining properties fraudulently.

All social housing properties are advertised through www.Gloshomeseeker.

If the property belongs to the Council it is usually advertised once notice has been given by the last tenant. It will be waiting for the new tenant to move in or is awaiting major works to bring it up to our Lettable Standard.

If the property belongs to a different landlord then they may also be carrying out work or may be a delay in advertising it. Stroud District Council do not match individuals to specific properties.

Unfortunately this is not possible. All available properties are advertised on a weekly basis.

Priority is not automatically given for having a medical condition. If you wish to advise or update us on your medical condition please complete a medical form.

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