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Homeless application process

You can make a homelessness application if you are homeless or threatened with becoming homeless within the next 28 days.

The Council can provide interim accommodation if there is reason to believe you are eligible for assistance and fall into a priority need category (as defined by the Housing Act). This is likely to be a room in a shared house sometimes called a B&B or homeless hostel. All of the interim accommodation we currently have available to us is in Gloucester City.

Not everyone who is homeless has a priority need.

You will normally have a priority need if you: are pregnant, have dependent child(ren) who live with you, if you have been made homeless by fire, flood or a similar emergency, if you are aged 16/17 or if you are aged 18-20 and were ‘looked after' (even for one day) by social services when you were aged 16 or 17, or if you are a ‘vulnerable’ person (see below). You will normally have a priority need if anyone in this list is part of your household.

You may be a vulnerable person if you are: an older person, if you have a physical or learning disability or mental health problems, if you had to leave your home because of violence or harassment, or you have been in care, served in the armed forces or if you have been in prison. The council will not automatically consider you to be vulnerable if you fit one of these categories.

The Council will make enquiries to establish if:- you are actually homeless or threatened with homelessness, are eligible for assistance, have a priority need as a vulnerable person, if you are intentionally homeless and if you have a local connection.

The answers to these questions will determine what duty the council has towards you. This may range from a duty to give you advice and assistance or it may result in the Council accepting the full homeless duty.

If the Council does accept the full homeless duty to you it can discharge that duty by finding you private rented housing that the Council considers suitable. If the Council does not have a duty you may wish to consider looking for private rented accommodation instead. Please see our private renting section for more info.

The Council should normally reach a decision on your application within 33 working days. The decision should be given to you in writing, explaining why the decision was reached and explain that you have a right to request a review of the decision within 21 days if you do not agree with the outcome.

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