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Your responsibilities (as our tenant)

  • pay your rent and, if applicable, your service charge on time
  • keep your home and surroundings in good condition
  • keep the inside of your home in good decorative order
  • never use the loft for storage or any other purpose
  • behave as a reasonable neighbour

If you wish to keep a pet you MUST have written permission from your Neighbourhood Management Officer prior to taking on responsibility for one and you will be expected to abide by our pet policy.  Failure to do so may result in the animal(s) being removed and a re-charge.  If you have any queries, please contact your Housing Officer.

If you do not keep to your responsibilities as a tenant we will write to you to tell you that we are starting the process of taking possession.  We will give you 28 days to put right any breach of tenancy.

To avoid this happening it is important that you contact your Income Management Officer or Neighbourhood Management Officer who may be able to make an arrangement with you to resolve the problem.


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