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Exchanging your home (Mutual Exchange)

If you are a secure tenant you can exchange your home with another council or housing association tenant.  When you exchange your home you’ll also be swapping your rights for those of the other tenant so it’s useful to check:

  • The terms and conditions of their tenancy
  • Their security of tenure -  you may find you would have to swap your secure tenancy for a fixed term tenancy
  • The cost of their rent - you may find you would be paying more than you currently do and you need to be able to pay for the difference
  • The conditions of the home you are exchanging into, check what repairs works, if any, are being carried out by your new landlord

Finding someone to exchange with

You can find someone to exchange with using the Homeswapper website.
Homeswapper is free, quick and easy to sign up to.  It will advertise your property to other tenants across the country, and it’ll search for possible matches for you after you have set your preferences.

There’s also a free mobile app, which you can use to look for properties and upload photos of your home.

You can also use social media to find people looking to exchange their home.

Applying for a mutual exchange

When you’ve found someone to exchange with you need to contact your Neighbourhood Management Officer (NMO) to apply and get our permission to go ahead.


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