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Your estate and community involvement

Regular Estate inspections, often referred to as ‘walkabouts’ are designed to help us keep your neighbourhood tidy and well-maintained.

An estate inspection will be led by your Housing Officer and a good opportunity for you to let us know about issues affecting you and your neighbourhood.

These inspections will be either monthly, three monthly or six monthly depending on the priority category of your estate.

Priority 1 – Estates where we still own the majority of the properties. These will be inspected monthly

Priority 2 – Areas with fewer Council houses and are often spread out. These will be inspected every three months

Priority 3 – Areas with low numbers of Council houses. These will be inspected every six months.

Estate inspections will be publicised through notices displayed locally, your local tenant representative/resident group and on our Facebook page, SDC housing.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact your Housing Officer before the inspection to let us know you are interested. Details of estate inspections are published on our website and Facebook Page SDC Housing.

At least the following:

  • Outstanding repairs to communal areas
  • Poorly maintained gardens and boundaries
  • Abandoned vehicles on communal land
  • Problems with the performance of the grounds maintenance contractor
  • Vandalism and graffiti
  • Work required to trees on communal land
  • The condition of garage and play areas
  • The condition of lighting on estates
  • The existence of pest infestation on communal land
  • The cleanliness and condition of bin stores and refuse collection points

Your Housing Officer will record the issues raised in order to rectify matters. 

We want you to feel proud of the neighbourhood you live in and look forward to your input in helping us to identify any improvements that can be made to your estate.

We, therefore, welcome your participation in estate inspections/walkabouts

There will also be news of approaching estate inspections on our Facebook page SDC housing.

Where you and your neighbours identify a problem(s) we will work with you, and where appropriate other partners, to work out a solution to the problem.

Where we plan to carry out improvement works to the area where you live, we will advise you and your neighbours.  We will also seek your comments on the proposed changes before starting any work.



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