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Abandoned possessions and vacated properties

What we do when items are left behind.

Abandoned vehicles

If we find that you have abandoned a vehicle on our land we will give you a fixed period (seven days) to recover the vehicle and pay all relevant costs.  If this does not happen, we will arrange for the vehicle be taken away and disposed of.  We will then charge you for any disposal costs and we may take legal action as this is a breach the Tenancy Agreement.

Abandoned possessions

If a tenant leaves any possessions behind in a property after they move out we will make every effort to return them.  In the case of abandonment or eviction we will try to trace them, or in the case of death, liaise with the tenant's family or executor of the estate.  

Abandoned properties

Sometimes tenants abandon their property and this can result in a very untidy external appearance.  In such cases, we will take action against the previous tenant for the cost of repairing any damage and any rent that may be owed.

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