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What happens at sign up?

If you accept an offer, your Neighbourhood Management Officer (NMO) will carry out a sign up with you.

Your 'sign up' will usually take place at Ebley Mill council offices.  At 'sign up' your NMO will:

Your Tenancy agreement is a legal contract between you (the tenant) and Stroud District Council (your landlord). It sets out your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and our responsibilities as landlord.

We strongly advise that you have spare keys cut and leave them with a relative or friend who you trust.  We do not keep spare sets of keys so if you lock yourself out and have no spare key, you will need to call and pay for a locksmith.   

The first 12 months

Unless you are already a secure tenant, you will have an introductory tenancy agreement for the first 12 months.  Introductory tenants don't have all the rights of a secure tenant, and could be evicted more quickly and easily if you break your tenancy agreement.

Six week visit

Four to six weeks into a new tenancy, your Neighbourhood Management Officer will contact you to check that you have settled in well

View housing rent for more information and ways to pay.

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