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I've been offered a home

Make sure you bid on a property that suits your needs in every way.

When a property suited to your needs is allocated to you through Homeseeker Plus, you will receive a letter outlining the weekly rental amount.  The letter will advise you to contact a named Housing Officer to arrange a viewing within five working days. 

An Income Management Officer (IMO) will also phone you and carry out a financial assessment (often referred to as an Income Management and Vulnerability Assessment or IMVA).  Your IMO does this to identify any areas where you would benefit from independent advice and support.   They will also discuss your rent payments.

At the viewing, a Housing Officer will show you the property, including the preferred method of payment by direct debit and encourage you to register for Tenants Online.

If you accept the offer a Housing Officer will carry out a sign up with you (usually at Ebley Mill council offices).  At this stage, your Housing Officer will tell you how everything works (especially where the stopcock and the gas and electricity cut-off switches are located).

What happens if I refuse?

Allocations Officers put a great deal of effort into matching applicants’ property bids to ensure that the property they offer is suitable.  This includes taking into account all relevant factors such as the applicants’ banding, household member numbers, mobility.  In addition to this, the council must also take account of the very high demand for council homes.  If you refuse the offer, your Homeseeker Plus account banding may be demoted or suspended.


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