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Your neighbourhood

  • Make sure you help to keep your building a pleasant and safe place to live
  • Respect your neighbours and their visitors
  • If your building has a door entry system, make sure that you close the door behind you.  Do not prop it open.
  • Only let someone in the building if you know them
  • Keep noise to a reasonable level, especially if your windows are open
  • Do your washing, vacuuming and DIY activities at reasonable times
  • Don’t throw or drop anything from upper balconies or windows, or let your children or visitors do so
  • Use the bin areas provided and recycle your rubbish if possible
  • Help keep shared areas clean and free from obstructions (this is important in helping to reduce the risk of fire)
  • Do not change oil or empty fuel tanks in any vehicles within the boundary of the block or in neighbouring roads
  • Park your car in marked parking areas where possible


Examples of noises that cause complaints include amplified music, DIY activities, barking dogs, fans, motors.  In many cases, the persons causing noise may be unaware that they are causing a problem.

In those instances, a polite request can often resolve the problem in an amicable way.  For further advice contact the council’s Environmental Health team.

Grass cutting and landscape maintenance

We take pride in maintaining the grassed areas and landscaping on our estates.  The level of maintenance will vary according to the seasons of the year. 

The cost for this is included in your service charge and will be listed separately.

Pest control

If  you need help with wasps nests, ants, mice or other type of animal or pest,  contact Stroud District Council’s pest control service.  There is a charge for this service.

Removal of graffiti

Graffitti can be ugly and sometimes offensive.  Please ring our repairs line to arrange for its removal within five days or much quicker if it is offensive.

Abandoned vehicles

We will arrange for the removal of any vehicle we think is abandoned.  The owner will have a fixed period (7 days) to remove the vehicle and pay all relevant costs.  If this doesn’t happen the vehicle will be taken away and disposed of.  Should the owner of the abandoned vehicle be our tenant then we may take action against them as a breach of their tenancy agreement.

Communal cleaning

We provide a regular cleaning service in some blocks of flats where the occupants concerned have agreed to pay the costs.  If your block is cleaned by the council’s contractor, the charge will be listed separately in your invoice for service charges.

Removal of litter and rubbish

Residents are responsible for keeping shared areas clean, tidy and free from rubbish.  To arrange for the removal of large unwanted household items visit…..  Alternatively, you can take items which are unsuitable for the rubbish/recycling bins to your nearest tip.

Fly-tipping and the dumping of rubbish in our residential areas are totally unacceptable.  If you see anyone doing this, then please tell us.  If we have sufficient evidence we will be able to investigate further.

Rubbish on our land will be cleared within five working days of you telling us or identifying the problem.  However, should it be dangerous (for example, used hypodermic needles) then we will clear it within six hours.


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