Working out your service charge

Delay in preparing the service charge invoices for leaseholders

Due to Covid-19 there a has been a delay in preparing the service charge invoices for leaseholders which were due to be issued on 1st June. We hope to be a position to issue them shortly. Please email the Right to Buy team on if you need any further information.

The repair and maintenance service charge covers day-to-day and major works to the structure of your building and shared areas.  It is calculated by working out the percentage of floor area of your flat compared to the total floor area of all the flats in your block.  This percentage is stated in your lease.  Other charges are calculated by dividing costs by the number of flats in the block.  Insurance premiums are calculated according to the re-instatement value of individual flats.

Either once or twice a year, depending on your lease, we will work out the actual costs of your previous six or twelve months' services.  Our financial year runs from 1st April to 31st March.  Demands for payment will usually be around June and December.

We can only charge you for costs that are reasonable.  If you disagree with any charge, you can appeal to us in the first instance and we will work with you to resolve the issue.  You can also appeal to a First Tier Tribunal but should in the first instance give us the opportunity to address the issue.

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