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Repairs and insurance

  • The main structure of the building, including walls, windows, foundations and roofs
  • All electrical, plumbing and drainage that is supplied to the whole building
  • Painting the outside of the building and all communal areas inside, such as the stairways
  • The upkeep of any estate area that your property or block forms a part of or enjoys the benefits of

Contact our repairs team  to report a repair for a shared area

All repairs have a target date when they should be completed and we will give you this information when you report the repair.

We do not carry out any repairs that are your responsibility.  We may be able to help in exceptional circumstances (for example, you cannot do the repairs yourself and this is causing problems for other residents) but you will have to meet the full cost of the repair including VAT and pay for the work before it is carried out.

  • All parts inside your home, including services only you use
  • Fixtures and fittings in your home
  • Cables, pipes and drains in your home
  • Decorating the inside of your home
  • If your lease states that you are responsible for your front door and its frame you must ensure that it meets current fire safety regulations

For repairs inside your flat and for your own safety and peace of mind, you should use approved contractors and, if possible, ones who have been recommended to you.  We would also advise you to get several estimates for the work before you choose one.  Trade associations and professional organisations vary, but you can always contact the relevant association for information about your contractor or supplier.  Utility companies (gas, water and electricity) and most insurance companies also provide breakdown cover for the equipment in your flat.

Gas servicing

To comply with gas servicing regulations and in the interests of your own safety and others living in your block, you must make sure that a 'GAS SAFE' registered engineer services any gas heating system every year, including the boiler and its fixture and fittings.  Make sure that the engineer gives you a copy of the inspection certificate.

For more information about keeping safe read about smoke alarms and carbon monoxide in the gas safety section 

Electrical work

Where any electrical work is done in your property, especially in relation to hot water and heating systems, make sure that an NIC/IEE Part P qualified electrical engineer  carries out any electrical work to your property and gives you a copy of a valid certificate. 

Gas leaks

Contact Wales & West immediately on 0800 111 999

You should also:

  • open doors and windows
  • switch off the gas supply at the mains
  • check if the pilot light has gone out. If any gas appliances have been left on, turn them off. If the pilot light is still on and gas appliances are off, there may be a gas escape.
  • do not switch lights on or off, use doorbells, mobile phones or any other electrical appliances
  • do not smoke, light a match or any other kind of naked flame

From time to time we may have to carry out major work to your block such as re-roofing.  If this will cost more than £250 for each flat, we will class it as a major work.  If you have bought your flat from us under the Right to Buy scheme, you will have a schedule listing the major work we have planned for five years after the date you bought your flat.  This is the only major work that we can charge you for during the five year period.

Consultation on major works

Under section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, you are entitled to be formally consulted before we plan to carry out major repair work.

Except in emergencies, we will consult with you about major repair work in accordance with legislation before we ask for tenders (this is when we ask companies to give us their prices and schedules of work).

We will send you detailed information on the tenders and process.  We will ask you to comment on the tenders and you can inspect them in further detail.  You will also be given an opportunity to nominate a contractor (although they will need to meet certain criteria).

Payment will be demanded on the next invoice for service charges following completion of the works. If the demand is for a large amount, you may have the right to apply for a government loan.

If you think you will have difficulty paying any invoice for service charges then please contact us as soon as possible for advice.

Being a leaseholder does not necessarily mean that you can do whatever you want in and with your flat.  Your lease comes with conditions and one of those conditions is that you cannot carry out any alterations or add anything to your property without our permission in writing.

You may have problems selling your property if you have made any alterations without our permission, and it could be expensive if you have to get permission after you have already done the work.

We have a legal right to put right or undo any work you have undertaken without permission from us and restore the property to it’s original condition, and to charge you the entire costs for doing so.

You should always write to us for permission and give us details of the work you are going to carry out.

We have the right to inspect any work you do carry out.

Stroud District Council owns the building that your flat is in and is responsible for insuring it. Your part of the premium or this insurance is listed separately as part of your service charge. The insurance value of your flat is also listed on the invoice for service charges.

The contents of your flat, such as your personal belongings and furniture, are your responsibility.  You should take out your own contents insurance policy.

See a summary of the buildings insurance.  The full policy can be viewed at the council offices by appointment.

Should you make a claim, please contact:

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