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We know how important it is to you that we help you maintain your home and fix your repairs as quickly as possible.

The quickest way to request a repair is online.

Request a non-emergency repair online

Visit Tenants Online to check on a repair.


  • Telephone: 01453 754 852
  • Email:
  • Text: You must start your message with the word 'REPAIRS' otherwise it will not be received - Text: REPAIRS 078 51 729 229

Emergency repairs

An emergency repair is something that we need to get to within 24 hours to prevent injury to anybody or serious damage to your home. For example:

  • A gas leak or dangerous electrical fault
  • Major damage to the structure of your home
  • Burst pipes or serious roof leaks
  • Inability to secure the main entrance to your property or broken windows affecting security
  • The loss of essential services such as water or electricity
  • Blockage of the only toilet in the property, or block drain causing sewage spill

We’ll always respond to emergencies as quickly as possible and offer you the earliest available appointment.

If you need to report an emergency repair during office hours, please call 01453 754852.

Our lines are open between:

  • 8.45 and 17.00 Monday to Thursday
  • 8.45 and 16.30 Friday

If you need to report an emergency repair out of hours, you should call our out of hours’ service on 01453 222104Please note – you may be charged for the visit if the out of hours’ team do not consider the call-out to be an emergency.

Gas leaks

Contact Wales & West straight away on 0800 111 999

You should also:

  • open doors and windows
  • switch off the gas supply at the mains
  • check if the pilot light has gone out. If any gas appliances have been left on, turn them off. If the pilot light is still on and gas appliances are off, there may be a gas escape.
  • do not switch lights on or off, use doorbells, mobile phones or any other electrical appliances
  • do not smoke, light a match or any other kind of naked flame

If you have gas installed in your home you will find the section on Gas heating useful.

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