How we deal with repairs

We have target times for completing different types of repair work so that we can monitor our repairs service and ensure it is of a good standard.

Find out how different types of repairs are dealt with and other useful information.

An emergency is classed as causing serious damage to the health & safety of the occupants or risk of extensive damage to the property.

Examples include:

  • Total loss of electricity or bare wires
  • Burst pipes
  • Blockage of the only toilet in the property
  • Blocked drains causing sewage spill out (unless on a shared drain, contact Severn Trent on 0800 783 4444)
  • Broken windows affecting security
  • Inability to secure main entrance to the property
  • Serious roof leaks
  • Lost or stolen keys (you will be charged to have the locks changed)

To report an emergency repair, please call: 01453 754852.

Out-of-hours emergencies only: 01453 222104

If you report an emergency out-of-hours, we will either complete the work in four hours or make the fault 'safe' so that there is no danger to you or the property.  We will return the next working day (or within 5 days if the issue is not so pressing) to finish the job.

Please note - you may be charged for the visit if the out-of-hours team do not consider the call-out to be an emergency.


These are repairs that if not carried out urgently may affect the comfort of residents and cause damage to the property.

Examples include:

  • a faulty light fitting
  • leaking pipe in the property
  • a blocked drain

These are repairs that are not urgent, although they may cause inconvenience to tenants.  Examples include:

  • Repairs to plasterwork
  • Clearing guttering
  • Repairs to kitchen units
  • Repairs to internal doors

If we need to establish the precise nature of the work required, we will visit within five working days.

The relevant contractor will offer an appointment to you and complete the repair within the appropriate timeframe.

All Stroud District Council employees and contractors carry an official identity card with their photograph.

Before allowing anyone claiming to be from the Council into your home, please ask to see his or her identity card.

If you are in any doubt about the identity of a caller, do not let them in.  Call the council on 01453 754 852.  Genuine callers will not mind waiting whilst you check their identity.

Stroud District Council identity cards look like the image below with Kathy O'Leary's signature on the back together with a badge number.


ID Badge

We inspect a proportion of repair jobs when they are completed, and instruct the contractor to remedy any unfinished or poor quality work.

We also have a team of volunteer Tenant Repairs Inspectors. Just as you would with staff and contractors, do ask to see their I.D. card and letter of introduction before allowing them into your home. If you are interested in taking part in this type of voluntary work, please visit our Stroud Tenant Voice webpage or call us on 01453 754113.

You can also help us achieve the highest quality by returning any ‘feedback forms' our contractor gives you. Alternatively, if you are dissatisfied with any of the work carried out to your home or the attitude/performance of the contractor (during work or after completion), you can use the online repair form or ring 01453 754 852

Please see the Repairs and Planned Maintenance policy for further details

You must allow us into your home to carry out inspections or repairs as outlined in your Tenancy Agreement.

We are required by law to check the safety of your gas supply once a year and your electricity supply every ten years.

We will write to you at least 24 hours before we need to come into your home (unless it’s an emergency) and you must let the Council employee or contractor in. 

Emergencies can include situations where there is risk of damage to the property or to other properties, or of injury to people.

If you try to prevent us from entering, we will charge you the cost of getting into your property.

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