Turning off your water

First of all you need to locate you stop tap.  You will have been given its location when you signed up for the property.  Your stop tap should look something like this,

  • Once you’ve located you stop tap, you’ll need to turn it clockwise, until it won’t go anymore.
  • Then turn your taps on to check that the water is off.  You may still find that water comes out - that’s normal it’s just water in the pipes making its way through the system.
  • When you want to turn your water back on, you need to make sure all your taps are turned off. 
  • Then turn your stop tap anti-clockwise until it won’t go anymore. 
  • Once you’ve done this, check that your taps are working properly.  You may find that the tap spits, but that’s normal -  that’s just air in the pipes making its way out. 
  • If you can’t find your stop tap then ask your neighbour as your stop tap may be in the same location as yours.

Once you’ve followed these steps you may need to contact us to come out and do the repair on your property.


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